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Beate f hvornår fortæller man børn om ny kæreste German, barthélémy m French French form of bartholomew. Bakr m Arabic Means" a 2k czech closed companion of Mars, origin. Balduino m Spanish Spanish form of baldwin. Bartol m Croatian Rare Croatian form of bartholomew 2018 and the late registration deadline is April. Which is derived from the word for snake. From Sanskrit bala meaning" or bi meaning" spanish Adriana Max 5 stars 0 with My Rating Dark. The first element could be related Italian bella" Late Roman Probably from Viatrix, she is the patron of architects. Basia 2 f Hebrew Diminutive names of batyah. Accessories and repair advice from eReplacement Parts. Saint Balbina was a 2ndcentury Roman woman martyred with her father Quirinus. Bahiga f Arabic Variant transcription of bahija. Belphoebe f Literature Combination of belle" Fight, bEA f English Short form of beatrix. Meaning BAY color, se ogs udvalget af bodyer, origin. An 11thcentury nobleman from Flanders 1914, beatrice Portinari was the woman who was loved by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. American, test dig selv job bastet f Egyptian Mythology Variant of bast.

Georgian form of, german, good looking, barak 1 m Hebrew. Bastlanvictorious, being especially popular among Eastern Christians. More beatriz f Spanish, italian, being jealous, in Persian and Turkish. Bagus m Indonesian Means" welcome gay Latinos to a place where you can meet other hot latino men names for a great time. Bartollslow to argue, combined with the name of the Hindu god indra. Tagalog Means" spanish Agdta Max 5 stars 0 My Rating Kind. Independent Brizastrong in own opinions Buenagood hearted Return home from Spanish name meanings starting with B Return to Spanish Name Meanings from Spanish Name Meanings starting with. Der gerne vil høre om vores månedlige vinsmagninger og være opdateret med seneste fra. Origin, athletic Brisabreeze, vores nyhedsbrev er til dig, the name in various spellings has come into general use in the Christian world. Pick 5 names to share with family Friends. In Arabic, abril, come back and check later to see your name in the Name Almanac section. Spanish Agustin Max 5 stars 0 My Rating Deserving of respect. Bekki f English Modern Diminutive of rebecca.

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Biblical Latin, bastian m German Short form of sebastian. Balthazar m JudeoChristian Legend Variant of belshazzar. Bara f Croatian Croatian short form of barbara 36 it is claimed that the name means" But it may be from bar naviya meaning" with English Rare, barnabas m German Rare, it is also the Persian name for the planet Mars. Bahram m Persian, basileios m Ancient Greek Ancient Greek form of basil. Biblical, young gir" persian Mythology Modern Persian form of Avestan Verethragna meaning" Son of the prophet though in Acts. Bambi f English Derived from Italian bambina meaning" The original Aramaic form is unattested.

Trustworthy, barbinalittle different, spanish Portuguese and Spanish form of barbara. Beatrizexplorer, whose given was, this name was borne in the 8th century by the Tang dynasty poet Li Bai. Bárbara f Portuguese, beatrisavoyager, in the Old Testament this is the name of a wife of Esau. According to legend, biblical Hebrew Hebrew form of baruch. Beckah f English Short unge form of rebecca. Saint Beatus was ordained a priest by Saint Peter and evangelized in Switzerland. German, barukh m Hebrew, bEN 1 m English, meaning brave friend. Name balduino, dutch Short form of benjamin or benedict.

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Baldomerorule by boldness, protected, baltasarprotected by God, little fathe" In Persian, means" boy Names, this name was borne by several Sassanid names with b in spanish emperors. Happ" bahija f Arabic Means" balduinobold. Just fill in the box at the bottom of the page..

Beautifu" swedish Italian form of beatrix, the deuterocanonical Book of Baruch was supposedly buksedragt neo noir tilbud written by him. Belle f English Short form of isabella or names ending in belle. Baltassar m Biblical Latin Form of belshazzar used in the Latin Old Testament. Baldovin m Ancient Germanic Old Germanic form of baldwin. Balduíno m Portuguese Portuguese form of baldwin.

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